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2018 Harvest Reports


2018: The Harvest We've Been Waiting For!

by François Cazin, November 25th 2018.

2018 was the vintage we all were waiting for: a plentiful harvest with good quality.

No climate problems despite a very humid spring and and a very dry summer. Flowering was smooth, though we had to be very vigilant with mildew. August to October was perfect, leading to optimal maturities. I'd go as far as saying these are some of the best maturities I've witnessed.

Our harvest took place over the course of five weeks, from September 10th to mid-October. We had to pick the Sauvignon and Chardonnay quickly to avoid sugar levels getting too high. It will be a very rich vintage for the whites, but the young vines will bring a bit of much needed freshness.

It's a superb vintage for the reds, with homogenous maturities for the Pinot and Gamay. Yields were generous but not excessive, between 30 to 50 hl/ha. The wines will show a nice roundness but also power.

The first Romorantins were picked on October 2nd. Despite very high sugar levels (14°/15°) the acidity will stabilize it and we expect a balanced result after the fermentations.