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AOC Gaillac and Vin de France from Causses Marines.

Virginie Maignien.
Patrice Lescarret.


To many, Causse Marines is an enigma. Why do they have clown noses on their labels? Why have have you literally heard of NONE of the grapes they work with? Why do they hate badgers?


This interview with Virginie Maignien took place in Los Angeles in March 2011.


Virginie Maignien On Shared Responsibilities in the Vines and Cellar
Virginie Maignien On AOC vs. Table Wine
Virginie Maignien On "Natural Wine"


A.O.C Gaillac "Les Greilles"
Soil: Clay and limestone
Grapes: Loin de l'oeil, Ondenc
Vines: Selection Massale
Yields: 35 hl/ha


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