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Bourgogne from Catherine & Claude Maréchal.
Claude Maréchal. Photo by Maya Pedersen.


In Côte d'Or parlance, Claude Maréchal is a flatlander. That means that he is from the plain, rich in grains and produce, that extends from the river Saône to the ridge of hills (the actual Côte d'Or that gave its name to its department) where the prestigious Burgundy vineyards are planted. Claude Maréchal is a gifted and thoughtful winemaker in his early forties who, having befriended Henri Jayer (a fellow "flatlander" who many years ago settled in Vosne-Romanée), tries to follow in his mentor's footsteps, through informal consultation with him.


This interview with Catherine and Claude Maréchal took place on their back patio in July, 2012.


This visit with Catherine and Claude Maréchal took place in June, 2012.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Maya Pedersen.


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