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Pignoletto from Alberto Tedeschi.
Alberto Tedeschi. Photo by Alex Finberg.


Alberto Tedeschi (pronounced Te-de-ski) is a young man producing still and sparkling wine from Pignoletto, a rare and indigenous white grape from Emilia-Romagna. Originally from the city of Bologna, Alberto started his winery in 2005. He currently rents 2,5 h. of Pignoletto from two different sites: the hilly Bellaria and Spungola, which is characterized by warm days and cool nights (a rare micro-climate for this region).


This interview with Alberto Tedeschi took place at Fornovo during the Vini di Vigniaoli fair in October, 2011.


I.G.T Pignoletto Emiila "Spungola Bellaria"


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