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2013 Harvest Reports


A Small but Qualitative 2013 at Domaine Renardat-Fâche.

by Christelle Renardat-Fâche.

Harvest is done! The wine is fermenting slowly and will be bottled soon to give it bubbles. We picked from October 7th to the 15th: 3 weeks later than usual due to the excessive rain and lack of sunshine.

The grapes are of excellent quality, and the Gamay-Poulsard blend will be the usual (70-30). 2013 Cerdon will have an excellent balance between sugar and acidity, a beautiful color and aromas even more intense than 2012! Of course this is all hypothetical, since the wines haven't begun bubbling yet and you can never be sure what you're gonna get! The only downside is that the crop was low this year. We'll do our best to have more in 2014. If the weather agrees!