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2016 Harvest Reports


A Recap of 2016 at Santuvario.

by Ivano Barbaglia.

2016 was a strange year with unusual temperatures. Spring was warm and the start of summer was very uncertain, with heavy rain and cold weather. Perenospora and oidium swept through many vineyards, although ours were not affected. To keep them safe, we monitored the hillsides constantly to check vines and environmental sustainability; in the end, we were happy to see insects and butterflies in our vineyards!

August and September were drier and breezier months, which allowed the fruit to ripen on the vine perfectly. This, combined with cooler temperatures at night, made us start to believe that the harvest would be a good one! Hurrah!

The late harvest in October was excellent, with a bigger crop of grapes after the Montalbano vineyard had also been incorporated into our production.
For us personally, the 2016 vintage was a difficult and highly demanding one. The road we are pursuing to combine quality and sustainability of our vines has been a rocky but extremely satisfying one! We are very happy! Back in the winery, nothing is added to our natural wine to trigger or accelerate fermentation, it takes care of everything by itself!