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2017 Harvest Reports


2017: Good but Rare!

by François Cazin.

After the horrific frosts of April, all hope of a harvest was strongly compromised. Spring and summer, both warmer than 2016, permitted the vines to relaunch themselves in a way they could not in the previous year. Low and behold, we still had grapes, particularly on the vines that were pruned later in the season.

The heat of the summer made the grape’s maturities rise very quickly. We started picking on September 11th, with harvest lasting two weeks. Everything went really quickly, which is to be expected with the extremely low yields of 10l/hl. Only the Chardonnay was a little more generous, as one parcel was spared from the frost.

The whites are very ripe, with a high concentration of sugar but also good acidity. For the reds, we had some pleasant surprises with the Pinot: the wines are tense and with good structure. The Romorantin was picked the last week of September, a tiny harvest with just 5hl/ha. It was the most impacted grape of ours this vintage.