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2017 Harvest Reports


Another Challenging Year in Sancerre for Thomas-Labaille.

Another complicated year. We had heavy frosts in late April; in spite of many bails of hay light on fire, Chavignol was not spared. This is the worst frost in the village since 1991. It was also a precocious year, and the hot summer sped things up even more; we originally planned to harvest on September 7th, but ended up starting on the 15th.

Though it was rainy during harvest, the sanitary state of the grapes was good (though there was not much juice in the berries.) The quantity is of course heavily affected by the frost, but the quality of the juices is there.

On the 18th, the sun came back and we were able to work the Monts Damnés in beautiful weather. With the lowering acidities and higher degrees, it reminds me of 2015, but with a smaller crop. In fact, this is the smallest crop since 2009 on Monts Damnés.

The higher degrees also mean vinification will be more challenging. With the last few vintages being drastically different climactically, our Sauvignon is having a hard time finding its balance. I can only imagine that things are going to get more drastic from village to village, because certain sectors are way more affected than others.