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2017 Harvest Reports


2017 at Baudry!

by Matthieu Baudry.

All you need to do is look at the happy faces of our team to show the satisfaction of finishing a harvest that had started really poorly!

Let's not forget that yet another threat of frost loomed over us for many nights, just as it did in many other regions. For five nights, we fought it will everything we had: candles, anti-frost towers, and spraying hot water to avoid the catastrophe of 2016.

While these methods were quite successful, it's important to point out that the temperatures never went below -3° C. In the end we were able to escape unscathed from a hellish period. The end of Spring was beautiful, with an exceptional May an a precocious flowering in June.

Summer was a little spottier but the vines got the rain they needed and in the end we started about 15 days earlier than a traditional vintage. Like the old guard says, a precocious vintage is rarely a bad one in Chinon. 2017 is looking great, with a generous harvest of grapes high in sugar and flavor.

While all the conditions for an excellent vintage have been given to us, it is with a heavy heart that we think of all our colleagues who suffered terribly from the frost and other climactic challenges.

Matthieu BAUDRY