Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer

2017 Harvest Reports


A Recap of 2017 at Perrini Organic.

In Castellaneta in Apulia, the 2017 harvest has started on an ideal, bright day of August. A mellow winter and a dry and sunny summer allowed us to ward off any vineyard disease and for the grapes to reach an ideal health and phenolic ripeness. From our first analysis and tasting the juices, we have registered optimal sugar and acidity levels, with aromatic and juicy grapes, indicating excellent quality even though we suffered from 50 to 60% losses.

We began the harvest with the earliest ripening Primitivo grapes and then Negroamaro, Fiano and Moscato, leaving the late-ripening Primitivo on the plants. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, this will give birth to our extraordinary Passito.

Grapes are carefully selected and manually harvested in small cases. They are immediately brought to the winery for pressing, which happens within a few hours. The rich must with an alcoholic potential between 12° and 14,5° has promptly started spontaneous fermentation, thanks to the generous presence of native yeasts naturally present on the skins.

Very quickly, scents of fruit and flower perfumed the air from our vats. While the majority of our production is produced in stainless steel, we also put a selection of our best Primitivo and Negroamaro in French oak barriques in our underground cellar.