Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer

2017 Harvest Reports


2017 at Valérie Forgues.

After a first week of harvesting, the Sauvignon and Gamay is in the cellar.

I'd predicted a delay in the maturities of vines that succumbed to the frost, but the Sauvignons were more stressed by the lack of water in the final stretch of summer: everything is very concentrated, aromatic of of high quality. We decided to not waste any time, because rain was announced.

We were a large team of pickers in order to cover each surface quickly and to get the grapes in the cellar nice and fresh. The juices are great, but there will be even less than last year... a sad record to break. And I must really thank the team: they did not miss a single grape!

The Côt, Cabernet and Pineaux Mêlés are not ripe as of this writing, with very high acidities. Everything is currently on hold, as the rain finally arrived. I think it will help re-invigorate them. It's not that warm out and there is wind, which limits the risk of rot, so that's good.

The old vines Pineaux Mêlés frosted really bad, and while some bunches came out of them, it's not enough to make a cuvée. If I find a solution I will let you know.