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2017 Harvest Reports


2017 at Santuvario!

by Ivano Barbaglia.

The distinctive feature of the 2017 vintage was the early harvest. Luckily, neither our vines or the young plantations in the Santuario plot were affected by the spring frost.
It has been a dry, windy year with above-average summer temperatures. A few storms in August threatened to bring hail but, luckily, we ended up with just rain, limiting any water stress to the plants. The grapes have ripened and are beautiful, of excellent quality. The 2017 Nebbiolo is at its best. This is surprising, because the variety is not used to such heat and lack of rain, so the skin of the fruit has thickened and production is more limited than usual. On the other hand, the hot climate favored the white Erbaluce vines. We completed our harvest in the beautiful, warm weather of late September - early October, the earliest we've ever picked!

In the winery, the must has a very high sugar content and good acidity, particularly for the white. For the first time we are employing and perfecting submerged cap fermentation for our white grapes. As usual, allowing the many tannins and sugars in her majesty the Nebbiolo the freedom to express themselves will be a real challenge!