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2018 Harvest Reports


Against All Expectations, A Great Harvest at Domaine Renardat-Fâche.

by Christelle Renardat, October 4th 2018.

We harvested from September 10th to the 24th. 12 days under a scorching sun that nonetheless promised us a good crop.

2018 is another tumultuous year climatically. The first half of the year was marked by constant rain followed by very hot weather and a drought. A hail storm on the 20th of July damaged a part of our estate. Of our 12 hectares, five are touched and two are decimated at 90%. Morale is low, especially following the particularly drastic 2017.

In Spring, the amount of grapes on the vines was impressive, to the point where we entertained the possibility of a green harvest! But with the drought and the hail, we had to change strategies.

We began on September 10th and from the beginning we are very surprised by the yields. Against all odds and expectations, we are happy to report that we actually had a plentiful harvest with grapes of great quality. Unbelievable!