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2018 Harvest Reports


Valérie Forgues Sets Herself A Personal Challenge in 2018.

by Valérie Forgues, September 15th, 2018.

Today I'm in the cellar, racking the Sauvignons and doing a remontage on the Pineau d'Aunis. Yes, it will be a red wine this year, the quality is top-notch.

Still no rain, so the grapes are hyper-concentrated. And it's very hot... We're starting very early in the morning, right at the crack of dawn. We've been packing a lot of water, towels and for many of us, jumping into the river after a morning of picking.

The Sauvignons, Gamay and Pineau d'Aunis are picked. Next week, we'll tackle the last of the grapes under a punishing sun.

My challenge: that my wines be as beautiful as the beautiful young picker in the attached photos!