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2018 Harvest Reports


Following The Gift of Nature at Santuvario.

by Paola and Ivano, October 31st 2018.

Before the harvest, there is always a moment suspended in time, as if we are holding our breath, a kind of anxiety. The gift of nature is always different, and the continued commitment leads to us eagerly awaiting its bounty. How will we remember this year? What will the wine be like?

We had balanced spring days, no frosts and these conditions allowed a good flowering. Early in summer there were fresh days alternating with cold, rainy periods and lukewarm ones.
In the middle of summer there were high temperatures that however have never caused suffering to the vines. On the contrary they accompanied the grapes to a regular ripening.

This vines flourished and were perhaps too vigorous: in fact we intervened to contain the plants and maintain that production not be excessive. In the hills, the dropping temperatures in the night during the last month before the harvest contributed to the exaltation of the grape's aromas.

We are happy. It's a good vintage, ripe and healthy grapes. Wow, wonderful, what a gift, the cellar smells amazing!