Louis Dressner Selections - Wine Importer
Prosecco from Venetian producers Costadilà.
Ernesto Cattel. Photo by Lauren Feldman.


Costadilà ('the hillside over there') was founded by Ernesto Cattel and a group of partners in 2006. Though Ernesto has now quit his full time job to focus entirely on the operation, everything started as a labor of love. The Costadilà project's goal is to valorize and rejuvenate Tarzo's rich agricultural traditions by reintroducing natural farming to the region. The scope goes well beyond wine, with a strong emphasis on polyculture: a farm where vines, fruits, vegetables, cereals and livestock coexist on the same plots of land. Completing the cycle, the produce grown from Costadilà land is then used and sold in local businesses. By creating this "model farm" for the region, Ernesto and his partners hope to show a successful example to other farmers trapped in a monoculture economy.


This visit at Costadilà took place in April, 2012.

>Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Lauren Feldman, Shawn Mead and Ian Becker.


I.G.T Bianco Colli Trevigiani "330"
Soil: shallow limestone-clay, marl
Grapes: Prosecco, Bianchetta, Perera, Verdiso
Vines: 30+ years old. Elevation of 250-350 meters. South, South-Eath exposition.


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