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Vin de France from Auvergne by Jean Maupertuis.
Jean Maupertuis. Photo by Jules Dressner.


Jean Maupertuis tends 3,8 hectares of vines in the commune of Saint-Georges-sur-Allier and La Roche Noir. He works principally with a local strain of Gamay referred to as "Gamay D'Auvergne", but also owns a little bit of Pinot Noir and a tiny amount of Noirfleurien, an ancient local varietal found only in his neighboring village of Mirefleurs. Most of his vines are older, ranging from 40 to 100+ years.


This interview with Jean Maupertuis took place on his front porch in July, 2013.


This visit with Jean Maupertuis took place in July, 2013.

Words and photos by Jules Dressner.


Vdf "Puy Long"
Soil: limestone
Grape: Chardonnay
Vines: ?
Vinification: Direct press, fermentation starts in vat, then continues in barrel, along with malolactic fermentation. Aged on the lees.