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Arianna Occhipinti.
Arianna Occhipinti. Photo by Jeremy Quinn.


In 2006, Joe and Kevin fell in love with the wines of an unassuming 24 year old showing her first vintage at an Italian wine fair. 6 years and 27 New York Times articles later, Arianna Occhipinti has become a seminal figure to a new generation of wine lovers. Her rise to prominence has been meteoric, and rightfully so: anyone who has met Ari will instantly vouch that her charming personality and positive attitude are contagious.


This interview with Arianna Occhipinti took place in Fornovo, Italy during the Vini di Vigniaoli fair in October, 2011.


Arianna Occhipnti on the History of Her Estate.
Arianna Occhipinti on Natural Wine and Its' Sense of Place.
Arianna Occhipinti on Her Work Philosophy.
Arianna Occhipinti on FRA/ITA V.S U.S Drinking Culture.


This visit with Arianna Occhipinti took place in April, 2012.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Lauren Feldman, Shawn Mead and Ian Becker.

After driving over to Siracusa, we started off with an aperitif at TAMI, Arianna's storefront.


I.G.T "SP 68" Bianco


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