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Biodynamic Gavi and More from Cascina degli Ulivi.
Stefano Bellotti. Photo by Jill Bernheimer.


Gavi, one of the foremost denominations of white wine in Italy and one of the first white wines to be granted the DOCG status, is entirely from the Cortese grape which is an indigenous grape to the southern Piedmont province of Alessandria where it also shows its finest expression. After the phylloxera epidemic of the early 1900’s exterminated the more widely planted red Dolcetto vines in the rolling hillsides of the towns that surround the town of Gavi, the majority of replanting was made with the white Cortese in order to satisfy demand from the nearby Genoa and the Ligurian province that lie directly south over the coastal mountains. During the 1960’s, Gavi enjoyed tremendous success on the domestic and international markets thanks to some fine producers in the region. Over the next twenty years, however, competition from other white wine producing regions of Italy, higher yield allowances by the DOC and less scrutinous winemaking led to a glut of commercial and uninspired Gavi.


This interview with Stefano Bellotti took place at the Vini di Vigniaoli fair in Fornovo, Italy in October, 2011.


This visit to Cascinia degli Ulivi took place in May, 2014.

Words by Jules Dressner, photos by Josefa Concannon, Jill Berheimer and David Norris.


VdT "Semplicemente Vino" Bianco
Soil: Red Clay
Grape: Cortese
Vinification: Fermented 50% in 11 ton oak vat, 50% in stainless steel. Aged 3-6 months in 11 ton oak vat.